If you require a professional for a few days, several weeks or a year we have the expertise to source the best personnel for your organization. You will experience a high level of service and support with your temporary staff requirements using 12hoist4u personnel. Our consultants are accredited and qualified to assist both our clients and candidates with their employment needs. You will have the flexibility to source personnel in busy times where additional professionals are required to let you operate your equipment and realize optimal utilization rates.

Permanent Recruitment Solutions

We offer a full recruitment service solution for vacancies being of vital importance to your business and for which you require a permanent employee. Whenever you need a general manager, planner, project manager, lifting supervisor, technical manager, engineering staff or HSE manager we can be of service. Whatever your requirements are, our recruitment solution begins with an onsite visit to your business. This gives us an insight into how your organization works, your business culture and what kind of people your organization values, as well as what type of position the vacancy involves and where it fits into your operation. We can tailor the recruitment process to your specific requirements, working alongside you to select the right person. Our company is heavily relied upon due to our unrivalled network within the industry, so no other recruiting company can offer this service!

Payroll services

Fully concentrated on running your company and your valuable equipment, without employing personnel. Payroll makes it possible. 12hoist4u assumes the role of legal employer, purely for the purposes of payment administration. In so doing, we take on all the risks concerning industrial law which might apply to you. You determine which temporary employees you hire, for what period of time and for what remuneration. We manage the salary administration; all industrial law concerns, insurances (sickness, unemployment and disability) and other administrative affairs that come with employing staff.


Our parent company Hadimpro B.V., offers fully independent consultancy services for special hoisting, lifting and transport operations. Independent, because Hadimpro does not own nor operate any equipment. This means we can examine your hoisting, lifting and transport problems dispassionately and objectively! Our services allow customers to eliminate risks as far as possible. They can begin a major project knowing they are well prepared. This can also take place under the guidance of one of our consultants. For a complete overview of our services, we welcome you at the website of Hadimpro B.V.
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