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CV tips published and cooperation with Dutch Offshore Academy

This month we have pleasure in informing you about two subjects we would like to share with you: *CV’s and how our customers prefer them; *Cooperation with the Dutch Offshore Academy. Over the years we experienced there is a serious gap between what our customers are expecting to read in ...

Heavy lift engineers, specialized transport engineers and consultants

As projects become larger and more complex, also loads to be transported are getting larger and heavier. Complicated and ultra-heavy loads and modules require equipment that is designed for alternative lifting, hoisting and transport methods that push the boundaries of today’s world. The safety considerations and effective management of these ...

Membership announcements and focus on Recommended Practice

At the beginning of this New Year we feel proud of being able to announce 12hoist4u’s membership of two industry organizations: *Deltalinqs *Heavy Transport Association - HTA Closely linked to our membership of the Heavy Transport Association is that we now also have Self Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) operators available ...

12hoist4u reaches six year safety milestone

October 1st marked a significant safety milestone for 12hoist4u by passing six consecutive years without a lost-time accident! 12hoist4u serves the temporary and permanent recruitment needs for any role in which lifting and hoisting competences, skills and experiences are required for major Oil & Gas companies, drilling companies, energy companies, ...

Permanent recruitment services and Norwegian office

We are proud to inform you about two news topics this Month. First topic has everything to do with our services portfolio. On an 'ad hoc' basis we have been serving our customers with recruiting for vacancies of permanent jobs. As we receive an increasing amount of requests to be ...

ISO 12480: the Standard to ensure safe lifting and hoisting

Without sufficient planning and supervision, crane accidents will happen one day or the other! If something goes wrong, the consequences are likely to be disastrous - severe damage to property with risk of injury or loss of life is a real possibility. Good planning and supervision protects cranes and the ...

12hoist4u raising the Standard

Standards are all around us, even if we are not always aware of them. One example of a widely-used standard is the A4 size for sheets of paper. Standards have become such an integral part of our existence that the average individual gives little or no thought to everyday products ...

Huisman and 12hoist4u: a 'state of the art' cooperation

Moored alongside the Huisman quay in Schiedam is the impressive pipe lay vessel ‘Seven Waves’ of Subsea 7. Over here the vessel will be equipped with a 400 mt. Offshore Mast Crane and a 550 mt. Flex-lay system, the biggest of its kind and capabilities for the installation of flexible ...

Flexible layer of workforce as structural and strategic instrument

For most organizations, getting their workforce flexible is a “hot topic”. A clear move is going on in the ratio between the flexible workforce and permanently employed personnel. Flexible layer is terminology that shows up more and more when the need for more flexibility from and for workers and enterprises ...

Reducing incidents through training and competence assessment

Lifting and hoisting operations are inherently dangerous and can result in serious incidents. Each year there are serious incidents associated with this type of work and they consistently rank among the top causes of fatalities. Lifting and hoisting operations can be as varied as the lifting of loads using forklift ...

New colleague and NEN 4400-1 for 12hoist4u

12hoist4u is a dynamic, growing company. We are very pleased to receive an increasing amount of inquiries for offshore personnel worldwide. In order to accomplish a continued and successful expansion of this market, we proudly introduce you our new member of the team: Charlotte Goddijn - Accountmanager Offshore As of ...

How flexible are you?

This opening sentence of Mr. Til Kroes, chairman of the Dutch Vertical Transport Society, was the kick-off of the General Meeting of the Members held on December 8th 2012. That there are more and more flexible jobs in Europe at the expense of permanent jobs was, of course, already known ...
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