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As projects become larger and more complex, also loads to be transported are getting larger and heavier. Complicated and ultra-heavy loads and modules require equipment that is designed for alternative lifting, hoisting and transport methods that push the boundaries of today’s world.
The safety considerations and effective management of these complex lifting, hoisting and transport operations are of the highest priority and become proportionally more significant.
When an incident occurs the consequences can be far reaching. Not only serious injury or death can occur, you will also experience disrupted operations, material damages and project delays involving costs

that might be very considerable.
For this reason the project management teams are placing an increasing emphasis on heavy lift and specialized transport engineering and consultancy.
The required skills and competences for the engineers and consultants shall match with the work pack to be done. Recruiting agencies shall exactly understand the job requirements of lifting and hoisting engineers and consultants and preferably be able to assist their customers in setting up the right job profile. 12hoist4u feels at home in this world and can support you with the right heavy lift and transport engineer or consultant for each phase of your project:

  • Conceptual and feasibility studies;
  • Lift planning and engineering;
  • Management of lifting, hoisting and specialized transport;
  • Auditing and consultancy.

During these phases, they can be entrusted with a variety of tasks, some of which are mentioned hereafter. 

Conceptual and feasibility studies

Conceptual studies usually take the form of data collection and brainstorming exercises, designed to generate as many options as possible. This is the perfect timing to consider the impact of heavy lift and transport activities.
Feasibility studies follow on from the conceptual study to develop the selected options. Activities in this phase are:

  • Construction methodology;
  • Modularisation decisions;
  • Construction site and route investigation;
  • Setting up estimates;
  • Preparing tender documentation and requests for quotations;
  • Evaluation of tenders and proposed lifting and transport methods.

Lift planning and engineering

Safe and seamless project execution requires detailed planning and engineering, which is at the heart of every successful lifting and transportation project. Producing innovative solutions requires unique talents which are not always available from many companies and covers:

  • Detailed site surveys;
  • Risk analysis and mitigation;
  • Project specific Method Statements;
  • 2D/3D CAD and animated lifting and transport studies and plans;
  • Rigging and stability calculations;
  • Structural analysis and lashing calculations;
  • Design of special lifting devices, lifting beams, spreaders, triangles etc.;
  • Barge stability calculations, design of sea fastening;
  • Load-out and Ro-Ro procedures and handbook;
  • Load spreading calculation and design;
  • Finite element and structural analysis.

Management of lifting, hoisting and specialized transport operations

There are many facets to the safe movement of heavy and/or abnormal structures by land and/or sea. This needs to be managed by specialists experienced in all these activities to assure and create a safe and secure operation.

  • Coordination of lifting and transport operations;
  • Assurance of availability of equipment and personnel;
  • Responsibility for safe operations and compliance with agreed working methods.

Auditing and consultancy

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the proposals, procedures and work methods of their contractors and suppliers meet the appropriate technical standards and regulations that govern them. To assure compliance with rules, regulations, site or company specific procedures, specialists and consultants might be needed.

They come in a wide range of designation, such as Technical Authority, Specialist, Rigging Engineer, Lifting Consultant, Inspector and others. They can be tasked with:

  • Providing independent lifting and transport studies;
  • Third party assessment of submitted lifting, rigging and transport plans;
  • Design and certification of lifting and transport facilities;
  • Investigation of accidents and incidents;
  • General inspection of all lifting and transport equipment;
  • Assessing the competence of personnel.

Our recruiters are familiar with all the different phases and job requirements for engineers and consultants. In case you do not have an exact job profile yet, simply explain us your goals by sending
an e-mail to info@12hoist4u.com and we will translate your goals in a clear job profile for the engineer or consultant you are looking for.

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