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Company Description

For various clients and projects we are looking for SPMT operators. Apply if you are ready for a new challenge or if you are a self-employed SPMT operator.

Job description

  • Assemble, disassemble, set and configure (mechanically and electronically), operate the SPMT (Sheuerle, Cometto, Kamag) in any configuration and in any cargo type / weight
  • Efficiently and safely carry out loading and offloading. This could include lifting, installing, rigging and weighing large heavy loads for many different projects
  • Operate the SPMT on public roads / areas, private yards, on ground, on floating vessel and during load out / load in operations
  • Report to the SPMT supervisor / superintendent and follows instructions accordingly
  • Gives prompt feedbacks on convoy status
  • Performs the work in compliance with the applicable safety rules
  • Check and maintain the efficiency of the SPMT, execute regular maintenance, and execute problem shooting
  • Responsible for the daily and weekly control and maintenance of the SPMT
  • Participate in pre-job meetings and safety meetings.

Job requirements

  • At least 1 year experience with heavy transport projects using SPMT's (Kamag, Scheuerle, Cometto)
  • Must have mechanical, hydraulic and electronic basic knowledge
  • Performs the work in compliance with the applicable safety rules
  • You are able to properly understand all the technical and engineering documents relevant to SPMT’s and transport operations
  • In charge to check and maintain the efficiency of the SPMT, execute regular maintenance and must be able to execute problem shooting
  • Preferably a second degree, with proven interest in mechanics
  • Capable to work under stress
  • Have a good depth perception and overall view
  • Ability to work as part of a team with excellent communication skills are essential for this position.

Remuneration package

We / our client offers a competitive package based on skills and experience.

Job location

Various sites and project internationally.

Want to apply or have a question?

You are invited to apply by using the button below and submit your resume. If you require more detailed information you can contact Peter Verhoef.

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12hoist4u specializes in staffing the market niche for hoisting & lifting, heavy lift and specialized transport with competent and experienced personnel. Our 12hoist4u professionals are thoroughly trained and motivated to securely and efficiently support our clients for short or longer periods of time. 12hoist4u’s ambition is to bring professionals and clients together all over the world. Our aim is to become one of the leaders in the niche market to which we are fully dedicated: hoisting, lifting, heavy lift and specialised transport.

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