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Hoisting, lifting and specialized transportation are among the most risky work. This requires knowledge of the rules and legislation, knowledge of the right materials and applying the right techniques but above all a good estimate of the risks involved in these types of the work.
In the end, people are responsible for safety during the execution and they shall all legally required knowledge. For safe hoisting, lifting and transport work, however, much more skills and competence based on experience is needed than the law requires.
Despite the extremely complex and specialised matter there are no consultants that have specialized in hoisting, lifting and special transport.
The specialists of 12hoist4u map your safety issues and give the right advice and/or customised support. They assist you increasing the safety when performing lifting, hoisting and specialized transportation work.

12hoist4u consultants help you with the following issues:

  • Rules and regulations in the field of hoisting, lifting and specialized transport
  • Procedures and best practices for a safer way of working
  • Development, sales, purchasing, use and maintenance of hoisting and lifting equipment
  • Competences of personnel engaged in hoisting, lifting and specialized transport
  • Environmental issues affecting the safety

In many cases, incidents and accidents are causing a desired increase of the level of safety during hoisting, lifting and specialized transport operations. Increasingly our specialists are already involved in the incident investigation process.

Of course we can also provide you with temporary support of your safety policies aimed at your hoisting, lifting and special transport operations with certified HSE officers at any level.

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