CV tips published and cooperation with Dutch Offshore Academy

This month we have pleasure in informing you about two subjects we would like to share with you:

  • CV’s and how our customers prefer them;
  • Cooperation with the Dutch Offshore Academy.

Over the years we experienced there is a serious gap between what our customers are expecting to read in a CV of a candidate applying for a job and the way lifting and hoisting professionals are setting up their CV. On the one end we see CV’s from extremely competent and experienced candidates having difficulty in being short, straight forward and specific resulting in CV’s of as much as 7 or more pages. On the other side we have crane operators, being much too short and CV’s missing their real experience or the types and capacities of cranes they have been operating.

One of the results of our visit to the Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference in 2014 is our contact with the Dutch Offshore Academy. This contact has now resulted in a cooperation with regards to the Person In Charge training.

CV tips for the benefit of our customers and the candidates

What type of curriculum vitae (CV) is the one our customers like the most? One that is simple, straightforward, organized and tailored to fit a specific job, they told us.
They want to select the best candidates for their vacancies, be it short term, for a longer period or for a fixed position. On average they spend around two minutes reading a CV, so they are not interested in long detailed paragraphs. Most of them only read the first page, just a few paragraphs or scan the whole CV in a glance to get a feeling about the candidate.
They make sure our candidates qualify and want them to contribute to safety during lifting and hoisting operations, whatever the job is.
Education, training and qualifications, safety courses and work experience combined with specific skills are the information most relevant in qualifying for a job.
On the other hand, the majority of the people working in the lifting and hoisting industry are “technical experts”, fully dedicated to lifting and hoisting, hard working professionals sometimes with decades experience in the industry, but not all too familiar in writing CV’s.
As it is 12hoist4u's ambition is to bring lifting and hoisting professionals and clients together all over the world, we have asked our customers their preferences with regards to CV’s and published 10 CV tips on our website: for the benefit of our customers as well as the specialists working through us.
The CV tips can be found here.

Dutch Offshore Academy adds training Person In Charge to their training portfolio

Training of people holding overall responsibility for the safety and compliance with rules and regulations during the execution of lifting and hoisting operations, the Person In Charge, is a subject with increased awareness over the last years, onshore as well as offshore. By consequence the Dutch Offshore Academy experienced an increased interest for this training by their clients.
Building further on a first contact during the Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference in 2014, we can proudly inform you that the Dutch Offshore Academy has added the Person In Charge training of 12hoist4u to their training portfolio.

The Dutch Offshore Academy is the course oriented college of Europe for education and training of professionals for the offshore industry through practice and context-oriented training on MBO+ level. A large number of companies in the offshore sector need a structural and organized offer of training. For both existing as new staff this involves MBO and MBO+ training, retraining and certification. The Dutch Offshore Academy wants to develop and be able to offer the widest possible range of study programmes, courses and trainings.
Further information about the Dutch Offshore Academy and her Safety and Behaviour training programme can be found here.

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