“Look to the future; convert fixed costs to flexible whenever possible!”

This opening sentence of Mr. Til Kroes, chairman of the Dutch Vertical Transport Society, was the kick-off of the General Meeting of the Members held on December 8th 2012. That there are more and more flexible jobs in Europe at the expense of permanent jobs was, of course, already known for quite some time. Simultaneously he wondered whether entrepreneurs proactively responded to the market in both good and bad times. That means adapt now and shrink when assignments decrease. But what to do when there is a sudden demand for more staff? Then we need to work together with the resources currently available.

The problem

A flexible payroll is needed to alleviate the highs and lows in deploying the highly capital intensive equipment without having to have additional staff on the payroll. To ensure having sufficient personnel during continuous shifts and work on weekends and to move along with the market, a different approach of personnel costs is necessary. The principle of one extra operator on every ten operators is outdated!

12hoist4u’s approach

12hoist4u makes use of the ‘three shell’ principle which enables us to respond effectively to your request in order to place the right people of the right position. Three shells with professionals who are well trained, competent and motivated to safely and efficiently support our clients for short or longer periods of time. To be short; people who know what they do!

The first shell consists of personnel employed by 12hoist4u’s. They are flexible employable on multiple sites within 12hoist4u’s specialization: lifting, hoisting, heavy lift and specialised transport.
The second shell is comprised by competent professionals qualified to fulfil short term needs; perfect for unforeseen circumstances such as illness or sudden peaks. 12hoist4u has experience with placing “older” professionals for years. In addition we have a number of specialists, some with over 40 years’ experience, who are exceptionally suitable for training and accompanying the next generation.
The last shell consists of self-employed and temporarily personnel. All are, without exception, highly experienced , competent and, of course, in the possession of all education and training diploma’s and certificates required by law and industry. They are regularly positioned with the same client which enables them to become familiar with all procedures, demands and whereabouts of the customer.

Cooperate with 12hoist4u?

Are labour costs taking over a too large percentage of your fixed costs? 12hoist4u works proactively towards the realization of cost savings by flexible labour forces within your business. Structuring your fixed costs to flexible costs is very time and energy consuming and more importantly feasible in close cooperation with specialized 12hoist4u employees.

12hoist4u stands out from its competitors because of her commitment in staffing the Dutch and worldwide market of hoisting, lifting and specialised transports. Our specialization ensures that our employees know what they're talking about bringing their knowledge and skills into practice in order to quickly solve your problem.

We aim to be the best, to stay the best, and to get even better every day.

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