Membership announcements and focus on Recommended Practice

At the beginning of this New Year we feel proud of being able to announce 12hoist4u’s membership of two industry organizations:

  • Deltalinqs
  • Heavy Transport Association - HTA

Closely linked to our membership of the Heavy Transport Association is that we now also have Self Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) operators available for you. 12hoist4u has a small flexible group of SPMT operators available for you that can be assigned to any job worldwide for a shorter or longer period.

In the last two subjects of this month’s news we focus on:

  • the new Recommended Practice 'DNV-RP-H201 lifting appliances used in subsea operations';
  • competence requirements for crane operators executing subsea hoisting operations.

Deltalinqs membership for 12hoist4u

12hoist4u is accepted as extraordinary member of Deltalinqs as per January 1st 2015. Deltalinqs represents the common interests of all the logistical and industrial companies in the Rotterdam port and industrial area. The organisation is considered to be the focal point and spokesman for more than 700 registered companies and associations. Via its unique network of contacts, Deltalinqs is the consultation partner at regional level, with the government and with the EU. More information about Deltalinqs and her members can be found on their website.
The mutual benefit of membership stems from the fact, that lifting and hoisting is an activity with high risks. For all associated members it will be easier to have access to the dedicated recruitment services for personnel in any role related to lifting and hoisting as well as additional specialized services of 12hoist4u such as: assistance in setting up specific procedures, auditing the compliance with rules, regulations and procedures, lifting and hoisting incident investigation and very specific training courses such as the well-received Person In Charge training. On the other hand 12hoist4u will benefit from the strong Deltalinqs network.

Self-Propelled Modular Transporter operators and membership of Heavy Transport Association

Over 30 years ago, the first Self Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) was developed in close partnership with and delivered to a company that is today the world's leading provider of heavy transport, lifting and hoisting - Mammoet in the Netherlands. In this 30-year period, the SPMT has written transportation history. In this respect, Mammoet has been the initiator. No other transport vehicle has revolutionized the world of heavy transport in such a way as the SPMT that was first manufactured by Scheuerle.
Nowadays many more constructors are supplying SPMT’s, such as Commetto, Faymonville, Goldhofer, Greiner, Enerpac, Kamag, Nicolas, Trail King and Tianjie Heavy Industries and it is estimated there are well over 25.000 of axle lines worldwide. The majority owned and operated by companies offering heavy lift and transport services.
Based on the above, it is not by surprise that 12hoist4u receives an increasing amount of requests for SPMT operators. We now have a small pool of SPMT operators available that can be assigned to any project worldwide for a shorter or longer period. They are experienced with nearly all brands of SPMT and are able to deal with small technical failures on the project site.
If you require an SPMT operator for shorter or longer period simply send your request to and our proposal will be accompanied by the CV of the available operator to convince you about his competence.

Being the only recruiting company offering SPMT operators, we became member of the Heavy Transport Association in order to acknowledge our dedication with regards to understanding of regulations, procedures and back-up for the operators.
The Heavy Transport Association (HTA) is the only specialist Trade Association for the heavy/abnormal load industry. The objectives of the Heavy Transport Association were, and remain to date, to promote the professional and trade interests of all its members. Members include abnormal load hauliers, truck/trailer manufacturers, route surveyors, permit agents, consultants, abnormal load escorters, ferry owners, infrastructure owners/managers and abnormal load officers. HTA members are consequently a highly specialist group.

New Recommended Practice aims to reduce overall risk of subsea hoisting operations

The completion of a joint industry project (JIP) to improve existing standards and regulations around subsea hoisting operations has resulted in a new recommended practice (RP).
The RP has been developed by DNV GL and provides guidance on the proper design and correct operation, as well as regular inspection and maintenance of subsea cranes and hoisting appliances. The aim is to reduce the overall risk and to safeguard personnel during hoisting operations and to improve the integrity and efficiency of equipment throughout its lifetime.

The RP will ensure a unified safety approach and increase the overall awareness of risks from subsea hoisting activities and how to best manage these risks.
The RP is applicable to hoisting appliances used in subsea hoisting operations. The recommendations provide guidelines on the evaluation of existing hoisting appliances as well as the design and qualification of new hoisting systems for subsea operations.
The objective of the RP is to provide recommendations and guidance on important aspects relating to operational parameters, risk management, related technical challenges, engineering solutions, maintenance and inspection, to ensure safe execution of subsea hoisting operations.
In case you would like to receive your personal copy of the “Recommended Practice DNV-RP-H201 lifting appliances used in subsea operations”: we welcome your request at and will send you a copy, with approval of DNV-GL.

Understanding of competence requirements is part of 12hoist4u’s dedication

Caused by the rapidly growing number of subsea field developments worldwide, demand for subsea hoisting operations is increasing and becoming more complex with more activity taking place in deeper and harsher environments resulting in stricter hoisting requirements.
High safety levels will be even more important going into deeper and ultra-deep waters, hoisting larger and heavier equipment and more complex and expensive structures.
The development of subsea cranes and hoisting appliances had to keep pace with the market and subsequently introduced several technical features around safe and efficient deployment and recovery of objects to and from the seabed.
Challenges related to modern subsea hoisting operations such as higher hoisting capacities, greater water depths and the inclusion of all kinds of new technical features, are covered to a certain degree in the present industry codes and best practices.
But what about the human factor? What about the competence, experience and skill set of the operators operating this equipment?
Our recruiters are familiar with all the new technical features such as constant tensioning, active or passive heave compensation. Tell us your exact requirement by sending your request to and we will select a candidate with the right competences and skill set for your subsea hoisting operation.

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